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Web Development (Online Classes)


Technical Trainers at (HOP) House of Professionals are best ever in Lahore; we have experienced and dedicated professionals who have vast teaching experience in web development. House of Professionals provide career path of our students. Whether you are willing to become expert in web development and designing, thank join House of Professionals top ranked IT Trainings institute in Lahore, HOP will skilled you with more than 2 final projects during web development course.

By the end of this course you will be able to develop the website on medium and large scale, you have known that how the combination of HTML, CSS, JS, MYSQL and Server side language works to develop a complete dynamic website. After that you will be able to deploy web code on live server.

Course Outline

    Week 1:

  • What is website and how it works
  • Inroduction of fontend languages
  • What is HTML and CSS, learning of HTML Tags & CSS Properties
  • Week 1:

  • Web page Structure &
  • Design a web pages (Sample Website)
  • Week 3:

  • What is Responsive website
  • Responsive with Media Queries
  • Week 4:

  • What is Bootstrap
  • What is Bootstrap Grid System
  • Intruduction of JQuery
  • Form Validation
  • Week 5:

  • Introduction of MySQL
  • Introduction of Datatypes,keys,Normalization etc
  • Intoduction of PHP(Server Side Language)
  • Week 6:

  • PHP Major Funcitons
  • Introduction of PHP if Statements
  • Introduction of PHP if loops
  • Project Templating
  • Week 7:

  • Introduction of Post, Get and Request Methods
  • How to build CRUD (Create , Read, Update, Delete ) in PHP
  • Introduction of PHP session & cookies
  • Week 8:

  • Build Dynamic PHP Project
  • Testing
  • What is Server handling and live a website

Day & Timing

  • Duration 2 Months , 3 Days a Week.
    2 Hrs Daily


  • Rs. 7500