Full Stack Development

Course Detail

Full Stack Web Development

Course Overview

Get the skills to work with both back-end and front-end technologies as a full-stack developer. You'll develop a solid foundation for working with servers and host configurations, performing database integrations, and creating dynamic, data-driven websites.

Course Outline

  • Basic HTML Programming
  • HTML5 Programming
  • Styling with CSS3
  • SASS – The CSS Preprocessor
  • Bootstrap
  • Basic Javascript Concepts
  • JQuery
  • App Development with Angular 2
  • Backend Programming with Node.js
  • Backend Programming with PHP
  • Database Design with MySQL
  • MongoDB – Learning NoSQL Database Design
  • Git & Version Control

Class Schedule

  • 2 hrs class
    Duration 3 Months , 3 Days a Week

Registration Fee

  • Rs. 25500 Only